Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Goldfrapp / Happiness

3Q Team / La noche del 21 en New York City

Recién recibida foto de la noche del 21…momento del ‘abrazo victorioso’ del “3Q team” Blanca Arregoitía, Cepp Selgas y Armando Guiller…ganadores del “Primer Premio” al 2015 Design Competition “Art in Balance Challenge” en STEELCASE Show Room, LMNOP Annual Benefit,
New York City.  

Friday, May 22, 2015

"3Q Team" Winner of 2015 Design Competition / "Art In Balance" / STEELCASE Showroom / LMNOP Annual Benefit

"3Q TEAM":
Blanca Arregoitia
Cepp Selgas
Armando Guiller

The "3Q TEAM" creation of a mobile that depicts balance between humankind and nature; honoring the mastery of Alexander Calder has…WON FIRST PRIZE!... in last night event at “STEELCASE” SHOW ROOM / LMNOP ANNUAL BENEFIT / NEW YORK CITY

The "3Q Team" / Blanca Arregoitia, Armando Guiller and Cepp Selgas

Saturday, May 16, 2015

William V. Musto Museum and Cultural Center / Art Show (4)

Re / Formulations: Narrative Processes

(1) Last night with Armando Guiller, Gustavo Valdés and Mark Canning.                      
(2) General view. (Photos by Rodriguez Calero)